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Since its inception, Shields & Company has assumed an advisory role for numerous clients in the business services industry.  Our team specializes in assisting middle market companies in the banking and investment management industry, professional services, information and data services, business process outsourcing, transaction processing, business consulting, direct marketing, and systems integration sectors to realize higher potentials for growth and value.  Our professional approach, industry expertise, and knowledge of the industry’s significant players are especially crucial to providing unmatched advice to our clients in this industry.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Explorica is a dedicated leader in educational travel, providing teacher-led tours full of authentic, interactive learning experiences. Since 2000, the company has helped more than 1 million students and their teachers experience new cultures, languages and people in over 75 countries. For more information, visit Explorica, Inc. has joined with WorldStrides, the largest educational travel company in the United States. Founded in 1967, WorldStrides provides industry-leading global educational programs to more than 400,000 students from more than 5,000 K12 schools and universities each year.

Shields & Co. represented and advised Explorica, Inc. in the transaction.

Boston Academy of English

Boston Academy of English is a renowned language school with a mission to drive personal growth in both students of English as a foreign language and teaching English as a foreign language through high-quality, interactive classes in a stimulating and supportive environment. Global education specialist Cambridge Education Group has announced the acquisition of Boston Academy of English, completing its international portfolio presence in the city. Boston Academy of English offers a prime downtown location, premium facilities, and a dedicated student residence located only 25 minutes away. The School will be integrated into the Stafford House School of English group, which has over 60 years’ experience of providing international students with English language courses in the UK. The acquisition will complement the current Stafford House portfolio of UK schools in London, Brighton and Canterbury.

Shields & Co. represented and advised Boston Academy of English in the transaction.

The Ride Website

Shields & Co. led and managed a successful cross-border sale of two non-emergency medical transportation companies to National Express Corporation (NEC), the North American subsidiary of National Express Group, PLC (LSE:NEX), a premier transportation firm in the United Kingdom. NEC completed the acquisition of The Joint Venture of Thompson Transit and YCN Transportation, LLC (the “Joint Venture”) and Y.C.N. Transportation, Inc. (“YCN”) on March 24, 2012.

The Joint Venture is a leading provider of specialized paratransit transportation services in New England. Through a comprehensive multi-year contract, the Joint Venture provides service solely to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (the “MBTA”) THE RIDE Program (“THE RIDE”) in the Greater Boston area. The Joint Venture offers door-to-door transportation to eligible people who cannot use public transit due to a physical, cognitive, or mental disability.

Y.C.N. Transportation, Inc., located in Norwood, Massachusetts, was founded in 1962 by the Armour family. YCN has grown to become one of the largest independent, special needs (“SPED”) transportation providers in New England, servicing over 1,200 students at approximately 90 schools across 29 towns. For decades, YCN has been providing transportation services to children and adults with special needs to various schools and day programs throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

Shields & Company, Inc. advised The Joint Venture of Thompson Transit, LLC and YCN Transportation, LLC and Y.C.N. Transportation, Inc. in the transaction.

The Bard Group LLC

The Bard Group LLC, a leading physician-led healthcare consulting firm, retained Shields & Company to evaluate alternatives that would provide the company's partners with liquidity and enable it to strengthen its leading position in the healthcare industry. As a result of the sale process, The Bard Group was acquired by NCI Healthcare LLC, an independent business services consulting firm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navigant Consulting, Inc. The acquisition provided enhanced healthcare consulting capabilities to both The Bard Group and NCI Healthcare.

BirdDog Solutions, Inc.

BirdDog Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of contingency-based Parcel Shipping Optimization services, retained Shields & Company to assist in a strategic acquisition to expand growth prospects. The company subsequently acquired Lakota Solutions, a consulting services firm specializing in parcel freight expense management and reporting and related logistic services. Through the partnership, BirdDog Solutions was able to expand its customer and technology bases, improve its access to capital, invest more in customer support, and develop new services.

BirdDog Solutions, Inc.

BirdDog Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of contingency-based Parcel Shipping Optimization services, retained Shields & Company to advise the company in a capital raising initiative to finance a potential acquisition and expand growth prospects. Through Shields & Company, BirdDog Solutions was able to raise $10,000,000 of Series C Preferred Stock and $10,000,000 of Subordinated Debt.

Boston Copico Corporation

The Boston Copico Corporation, leading provider of vended copying and print management services, retained Shields & Company to assist in the company's refinancing. In the process, Boston Copico was able to raise $2,250,000 of senior debt and $1,350,000 of subordinated debt, successfully positioning the company to pursue plans for business expansion. The refinancing also enabled the company to engage in an eventual sale.

BV Investment Management

BV Investment Management, an Internet-focused early stage venture capital firm, retained Shields & Company to assist in seeking a suitable equity investment to expand its portfolio. The process resulted in the company's acquisition of a preferred minority interest in CEA Group Companies LP, an investment bank focused on the media, entertainment, Internet, and telecommunications industries. The investment provided the combined shareholders with access to invest on a general partner basis in a growing organization, while the company gained greater access to worldwide merchant banking opportunities.

Country Club Enterprises

Country Club Enterprises, a leading distributor of golf and utility vehicles, retained Shields & Company to pursue a range of recapitalization options that would support the company's expansion and provide liquidity for certain shareholders. This process resulted in a partnership with the Mustang Group and Gladstone Investment Corporation and culminated in a transaction, which achieved both objectives and enabled the company's senior management to retain a substantial equity position.

High Road, Inc.

High Road, Inc., a chain of large specialty stores for the adventure sports market and cycling industry, retained Shields & Company to assist in raising capital stock required to fund a potential acquisition. This recapitalization enabled the company to acquire International Bicycle Center, Inc., the largest specialty bicycle retailer in Boston, Massachusetts. The deal strengthened High Road's senior management, significantly increased its market share, and fulfilled its expansion model.

Mass-Save, Inc.

The Board of Directors of Mass-Save, Inc., an independent, non-profit corporation established by investor-owned electric and gas companies and municipal light departments in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, retained Shields & Company to find a suitable acquirer. The result of the sale process was a merger between the company and Conservation Services Group, Inc., a non-profit corporation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with goals similar to those of Mass-Save. Mass-Save was able to uphold its mission statement and retain a majority of its employees.

National Energy Choice, LLC

National Energy Choice, LLC, a consumer energy and utilities consulting firm, retained Shields & Company to identify potential acquirers and facilitate the eventual sale of the company. National Energy Choice was subsequently acquired by NewEnergy, Inc., a subsidiary of the AES Corporation, a leading global power company. This strategic transaction achieved company shareholders' liquidation objectives.

New England Adding Machine Company

New England Adding Machine Company, a leading distributor of imaging supplies, information storage equipment, and office equipment, retained Shields & Company to assist in its sale to a strategic acquirer. The sale process resulted in the company's sale to Carolina Wholesale Office Machine Company, Inc., a national leader in distributing imaging and electronic products. The transaction provided substantial liquidity for the shareholders and positioned the company for continued success in its markets.

Pell Rudman

The Management of Pell Rudman, a Boston, Massachusetts-based wealth management firm, retained Shields & Company to represent their interests in a process that would allow Pell Rudman's parent company, Old Mutual plc, to divest its ownership in Pell Rudman and provide management with a new strategic partner to meet the needs of the its clients, employees and shareholders. Pell Rudman was subsequently acquired by AMVESCAP plc, a London-based global wealth management firm.

Structural Graphics, LLC

Structural Graphics, an industry leader in high-impact dimensional marketing solutions, retained Shields & Company to assist in the acquisition of Intervisual Communications, Inc., a Santa Monica, California-based dimensional print and promotions company. Backed by a 30-year history in dimensional marketing, the combination of the two industry leaders brought together end-to-end design, fulfillment, and project management, with a library of more than 40,000 innovative dimensional designs.

Structural Graphics, LLC

Structural Graphics LLC, the market leader in providing high-impact advertising materials to Fortune 500 corporations, retained Shields & Company to assist in a potential recapitalization. Shields & Company facilitated the company's refinancing by Alta Communications, a Boston-based private equity firm specializing in equity investments in media and communications companies. This transaction positioned Structural Graphics for expansion and growth through acquisitions.

Sudbury River Consulting Group, Inc.

Sudbury River Consulting Group, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to New England and the Midwest, retained Shields & Company to find a suitable acquirer that would provide liquidity for shareholders and enable the company to continue growth. The sale process resulted in the company's acquisition by Complete Business Solutions, Inc., a Michigan-based, publicly-traded information technology services company. Shields & Company was successful in structuring and negotiating a transaction which maximized shareholder value and allowed the company to increase its resources as a division of a well-capitalized company.

Tower Group

The Tower Group, a provider of research subscription and consulting advisory services, retained Shields & Company to find a suitable global partner and to structure a transaction which maximized shareholder value and increased its resources as a division of a well-capitalized, global company. Shields & Company facilitated the Tower Group's sale to Reuters Group PLC, the premier global news and information group. The company's shareholders reached their transactional objectives upon achieving substantial liquidity, and the Tower Group received additional investment capital to pursue outstanding growth and leadership prospects.

Tower Group


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